Måke is founded by Marieke de Beurs - Brommersma.
Marieke graduated as a graphic designer from the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. She worked as a graphic designer at the dutch renowned design company Thonik and Europe’s most experienced serious games company IJsfontein.

Marieke loves to Make

Marieke loves to make original work within an educational, health or cultural setting. Her portfolio shows different aspects of current makings: concepts, graphic design, illustration, serious games, digital and motion design.

Making with Marieke

Marieke helps visualise your mission by careful listening and building a genuine rapport with her clients. 

Making together

Marieke works together with other freelancers, so she can offer not only a new identity for your work, but also develop more advanced digital elements, such as apps or games.

Make contact

If you're interested in working together,
She'd love to hear from you!

+31 (0)6 480 41 772